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TVP: Amoir Camaira

The Amoir Camaira collection has an injection of ‘high life’ in every design. There is a story behind every stitch, cut, twist and fold. Inspiration for these glamorous pieces of resort wear has been gathered from far and wide, with French, Italian and American influences; whilst firmly retaining their elegant English heritage, the birthplace of this unique and stunning collection.

With a variety of cuts available there is a practical purpose for each design. So whether you are sunbathing, playing, swimming or just being ‘Fabulous’ then this mix and match collection will offer you something for any type of day by the water. The range takes on vibrant shimmering block colours and contrasting gold statement accessories; tailored with soft but structured materials. The design philosophy is that of the ‘High-Life’ a touch of class and elegance expected to be found in amongst the world’s most precious hidden paradises from which the sophisticated choose to frequent. Lingerie Stylist caught up with Amoir Camaira designer Abbie to find out more…


What is the Amoir Camaira ethos?

The fundamental value of the label, and the one thing that motivates me above anything else, is quality. In my time as a consumer in the swimwear market, I have always had to search store after store for a decent quality brand. They do exist but they are also few and far between. I found it shocking to see unfinished garments with elastic showing on knotted ends, gastly linings and cups that move in circles inside the breast pockets altering the shape of the top. I cant stand it, it infuriates me. So when you invest in one of Amoir Camaira’s bikinis I can promise you nothing but the best in comfort and style combined with quality fabrics and hardware. You will look great, you will feel great and on top of that your bikini will last you for more than just one holiday.


How do you work?

What is your creative process? I read a lot of fashion magazines and attend trade shows as often as possible and it’s true what designers say; inspiration can, and does, come from absolutely anywhere. Personally, I chose to look at fabric first and foremost; this, for me, is key to producing quality items and the most important ingredient in my work. My ethos is undoubtedly focussed on quality, it is one of the main reasons for wanting to design my own swimwear. I pay a lot of attention to what women want from a swimwear collection and make sure that I go the extra mile to offer a more luxurious bikini. I always double up on the fabric I use, which is only the best from Italy; this means that I don’t use cheaper fabrics as linings. I am not a huge fan of seams so I design each bikini to look as smooth as possible on the body. I sketch out my ideas and take inspiration from all sorts of things I see; I particularly enjoy working with oversized gold jewellery. The bigger, the better and over time I plan to incorporated this more and more in my designs.


What can we expect from Amoir Camaira’s first collection?

The first collection is Classic and Classy. The cuts have been perfected and I have been there throughout the entire cutting process. I have designed a ‘Mix It Up’ range because that was one of my biggest needs when shopping for swimwear. Each of us has a different size/shape on our bottoms and our tops and no one bikini can really offer it all; so my collection is versatile and collectable. Great fitting swimwear is more than a fashion purchase, it’s an investment if the cut is right. And,of course, there is the issue of tan lines; so each piece shows off a different part of the body. You can start out with the Classic String, change into the andeaux mid afternoon to erase any tan lines from the morning and then slip in to the Statement Halter Neck to showsoff some beautiful bust line ‘bling’ for sunset. You can expect the same attention to quality throughout the brand; the first collection is all made from the same beautiful fabric which has a slight shimmer to it and comes in a gorgeous range of tropical colours.


What are your biggest challenges as a new designer?

I think the biggest challenges starting out have to be making contacts, finding your way to the right people and understanding a subject that is studied for years at Fashion Schools. For this reason, I rely heavily on the expertise of my pattern cutter who I have worked closely with from day one. She understands my ethos and my creative ideas, she has been my guide and also my shoulder when,at times, I’ve felt like I couldn’t make it happen. I suppose you can say I’ve learnt as I’ve gone along. I don’t believe you need to have all the knowledge and skills to make your dreams a reality, you just need the drive and desire for success. We all have to start somewhere and I, for one, am still learning. If I wasn’t, maybe my dreams wouldn’t be so big. Learning is a part of life and I know that Amoir Camaira is going to help me grow as an individual in many, many ways; not only with my creative design knowledge but also in business and personal growth. I am incredibly excited about this new venture.


Where can we buy your designs?

The collections will be available in boutiques and later on-line at the Amoir Camaira website once we launch.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The highlight of my career so far has to be travel. These days, I am always looking for new pieces to add to the collection whether it be fabrics or hardware, and have to ‘escape’ to places like Italy and France to source different things or to meet with potential clients. I like to people watch at the beach or pool-side; to look at their styles, the types of people they are and the places they like to be. In my mind, I visualise the kind of woman who will wear my swimwear and she isn’t any particular shape or size but she is fun, flirtatious, confident and headstrong. She knows who she is and she knows where she is going; and most of all she has great taste in swimwear!


What does the future hold for Amoir Camaira?

I truly believe that the future for Amoir Camaira will be a long and successful one. That’s not just because I am biased, it comes from a deep routed belief that what I have is worth the long haul and women everywhere will find confidence in my designs that will make them desirable time after time. I’d like my work to feature in leading fashion magazines and to be written about by amazing bloggers, like yourself. I believe that a good following and reputation is better than any expensive ad campaign and it would mean far more to me to have the backing of a loyal clientele.

Follow Amoir Camaira on twitter @AmoirCamaira or on Facebook -Amoir Camaira… And at once we launch the website in December 2013.

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