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How To Create Your Own Boudoir

My bedroom is my sanctuary. At the end of the day, when work is done and my family are all content, it’s my turn to indulge and of course I need a nice space to do it in. Creating an appealing bedroom is so important for many reasons; setting the mood for that ‘special time’ with your partner, having a private escape, even having somewhere lovely to dress yourself each day. With a little flair you can set the scene and feel like you are starring in your own pin-up movie every day. Here are my simple tips that can be implemented in any space – whether your bedroom is bright and airy or dark and sensual.

Dress The Bed!

It seems so obvious but a bed has to inviting! Whatever style bed you have there are very simple ways of doing this. First, invest in a decent throw like this Glossy Quilted Throw from Agent Provocateur. Throws are a fast way off smartening up a room (especially if you’ve put little effort into making the bed!) and they add instant glamour.


I also love the Pleasure Pillows by Darkest Star, to the untrained eye they look like a tasteful pillow, ideal for dressing up a bed….but of course they have a kinky little secret! (Read pleasure tips from Darkest Star).


Dress Yourself

Getting yourself dressed up (or dressed down) can be a huge part of foreplay and I think it’s simply wonderful having a lovely setting to do it in. A dressing table has set the scene for many a pin-up and it should do the same for you. A dressing table is a very personal thing and it’s important to choose one that appeals to you, but this mirrored one from Homesdirect 365 would be a safe option to complement any decor change your room may undergo.


The fabulous thing about dressing tables is being able to fill them with all your favourite things…pretty jewellery hanging over the mirror, your favourite red lipstick, your collection of fragrances. Display the ones with prettiest packaging or buy bottles you can decant into like this adorable Perfume Bottle With Atomiser from Molly Browns.


Treasure Your Pleasures

I have little chest in my room that houses all my secret…accessories. These are things that I certainly don’t want on display but I need fast access to for when the moment calls! These don’t have to be large boxes (depending on how much you have, of course) so items like this Black Vanity Case from Agent Provocateur¬†are ideal. Plus, they are lockable which is handy for preventing your 3 year old discovering ‘new toys’ to play with. Enough said.


Set The Mood

What would a boudoir be without some scented candles? Personally I love space-saving dual purpose products so naturally massage candles are the way forward. I love the scent of this Vanilla and Cotton Candy Massage Candle from BlueBella. When the candle has burned for a while you are left with a natural, moisturising scented oil, perfect for massaging into skin. Bliss!


What do you do to create your own boudoir at home? Share your tips for setting the mood!



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