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The Takeover: Darkest Star

We’ve all got busy lives; going to work, running around after children, walking the dogs, the list goes on and on. So when do we have time to think about our sex lives? Hot, passionate erotic sex, that’s what other people have, right?

We all have erotic fantasies inhabiting our souls, wishing we had the time, inclination and more importantly the confidence to play them out. Perhaps you worry that communicating your desires would make you feel dirty, shameful, and even go against the person you’re expected to be. If you’re concerned that asking to be restrained and blindfolded in the bedroom might make your partner look at you in a different way you’re damn right – it will!


I’m not going to bark statistics at you as everyone knows someone who is splitting up, having affairs, sleeping in separate rooms ect. Communication breaks down and then distance erodes. We must take responsibility for our own sex lives. Take control, there’s nothing more erotic than an empowered female knowing and telling her partner what she wants and how. Esther Perel, one of the worlds most respected voices on couples and sex speaks of foreplay beginning the moment the last orgasm has subsided. So, take time out, plan an evening together, discuss the finer details. Where you are going to meet, what you are going to wear and how you’re going to undress each other! Be the person in your fantasies. Have fun.

‘Being blindfolded and restrained isn’t about being submissive, it’s about…touch…anticipation…wanting…letting your mind wander…and yourself go.’

We specialise in erotic accessories, designing unique products aimed at the luxury end of the market. Only using the finest materials it’s important to us not compromise on quality or design aesthetic. More importantly though, when designing Darkest Star pieces I imagine myself in the fantasy, how would it make me feel? A strict tailored collar under a sharp jacket? In control. Cuffs astutely clipped to a leather belt nipping in the waist? Confident. Worn with a tight pencil skirt and killer heels? Empowered.darkest_star_02

There’s nothing intimidating about sheer silk touching the body so products like our versatile scarf which can be worn out on a date build anticipation as your partner catches glimpses through the folds of silk, knowing what your Darkest Star outfit has to offer…….Hot !

Bondage is a peculiar word, it conjures up images of pain and discomfort, highly erotic to some but aggressive and harsh to others.  Days were spent analysing the word ‘bondage’, not wanting to alienate those feeling it’s a forbidden scene. Let’s face it, forbidden is erotic but it’s down to us to change perceptions, there is a lighter side to bondage that can be enjoyed by the everyday woman like you and I.

Until midnight 30th April, Darkest Star are offering Back 2 Basics at the discounted price of £95


and the Little Pleasure at £95


This article was written by Sam of Darkest Star

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