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7 Deliciously Dark Lingerie & Fetish Accessories To Lust Over

The crossover from lingerie to fetish goods is ever increasing and more frequently am I seeing knock-out statement pieces that are so beautifully crafted, I’m tempted to get them and wear them with outerwear! But of course, some things are best kept for behind closed doors, and I think every woman should have a little arsenal of ‘special’ items that she reserves for truly intense and seductive nights of pleasure. Today, I wanted to share with you some of of my best fetish-led finds that I’ve discovered on my lingerie travels, and I hope they inspire you to get more creative with your boudoir kit…

Paul Seville

Irish Designer Paul Seville is pretty much leather BDSM royalty, having made bespoke creations for Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood to name-drop a few. He takes a lot of his inspiration from corsetry, which can clearly be seen with this fierce Cage Waspie Belt, a must have piece for the fashion-fetish wardrobe. Perfect for your night bondage games and en excellent accessory for outerwear too.


Luna Veneziana

Bondage masks are usually constructed from leather, studded and for some women, likely a very daunting bit of fetish kit. So I absolutely love the more feminine, softer side from this Gatto Mask by Luna Veneziana. The masks are made from metal but the intricate filigree work makes them elegant and intriguing. Role-play and seduction for the boudoir beauty.


Kunza Corsetorium

Kunza is well-known for incredible corsets, but this one is quite unlike anything else I’ve seen around. The fully transparent tulle corset is a beautifully functional lingerie piece that would work well to sculpt the figure under clothes, but I think it’s just too stunning to hide! This would make for a truly seductive boudoir look. See the Fully Transparent Lightweight Corset here.


Sian Hoffman

Another famous corsetiere is Sian Hoffman, favoured by celebrities and premium boutiques the world over. This Corset With Collar is quite unlike any other corset I have seen as it has a chocker that links the front from the breast. The gold hardware brilliantly sets off the black body and sheer areas, creating a seriously seductive fetish look.



The latest collection by Lascivious is as popular as ever, especially their collaboration with latex brand William Wide. This Black Latex Skirt¬†is a beautiful creation that is tempting enough to wear as outerwear, but works perfectly for fetish role-play. It’s an interesting direction for this independent British brand and I cannot wait to see what their next collection brings.


Yes Master

This independent brand continues to deliver creative lingerie and swimwear pieces, but this Raven Bra really caught my attention. Raven? Maybe. Beautiful black swan, more like. This is so fun and elegant, a thing of beauty wether you are into fetish wear or not.


Fleet Ilya

I absolutely love the harnesses by Fleet Ilya but this Corset Metal Harness is a truly captivating piece of work.¬†It has a futuristic influence with it’s simulation of metal parts on the hip and includes rings for anchoring other items such as chains, handcuffs, reins, etc… need I say more?



It seems to me, that the fascination with fetish is well-and-truly here to stay. Why not think about introducing a few fetish items to your lingerie wardrobe, and if you can style them up with your outerwear, all the better!

Have you discovered any enticing fetish-inspired pieces recently?

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